Witch Blade

A dark urban fantasy mystery

Former police Lieutenant and natural born sorcerer, Lori Maynard has lost everything that matters.

Kicked off the police force after a personal tragedy—anger management issues, they’re calling it— Lori has no job, no title, and nothing to hold on to. And her girlfriend is ignoring her…

Now, someone in Guessing is killing witches. 

When the murders strike to the heart of the only family she has left, Lori has no choice but to join the case, even if that means breaking all the rules to find the killer.

Her investigation leads her to the mysterious Archmage; a powerful, insane magician only interested in toying with her.

Despite his treachery, Lori is drawn into the Archmage’s world and mind, moving along a twisting path of high stakes and maddening compromises she has no idea how to navigate.

Just when she thought she was already at her limits, Lori is forced to choose between a version of her life she has always known, and a version she has always denied.


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