Enter an underground fight club where physical form is worshipped and champions are celebrated in a bizarre arena of bloody violence and supernatural spectacle.


Rev despises all things artificial. He holds his life together by sticking to his beliefs: train hard, eat clean, stay natural.

But his world begins to crumble. The corporation he blames for his mother’s death take his job, then he’s left for dead by the Mechs: old men with gleaming steel implants.

Rev is saved by the beautiful and intriguing Sveta. She offers him a new life but instead of the romance and serenity he first encounters with her, he finds himself drawn into a strange fight club where champions are celebrated in a bizarre arena of bloody violence.

It’s a chance for Rev to prove himself, to become the legend he was born to be … but in this world winning has a cost. How much of himself will he leave behind?

Skin is a new tale in the Guessing Tales urban fantasy series, combining science fiction and fantasy to ask, what makes a human body human? What makes a human mind? What makes a champion? And what’s left over when all of that is taken away?

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