Paranormal: Dark Urban Fantasy Stories

Paranormal: Dark Urban Fantasy Stories

Paranormal is a Guessing Tales Shorts Monster Box Anthology.

In the pages of this book, you’ll encounter ghosts, dragons, fairies, goddesses and monsters, vampires, psychics, demons, and wizards.

  • A woman struggling to make the most of her cursed life is haunted by her future.
  • A little girl confronts her fears to prove the old man next door is not, as her sister believes, a wicked, soul stealing fae.
  • A restaurant specializing in the flesh of magical beasts goes one dish too far.
  • A politician unleashes a monstrous plague to win an election.
  • An abused wife finds her divine power.
  • A young girl suffers the whims of her drunkard wizard father on a trip to the abandoned zoo.
  • A courier falls into the clutches of a bizarre clockwork vampire.
  • An elderly toy maker who has spent his life cleaning up after the demonic acts of his dolls.
  • A medium author who has grown rich off tales of the dead is threatened by a fellow psychic.

Nine dark corners of Guessing, nine stories of wonder, whimsy, and horror.

Every story is a macabre fantasy. Every story is an ordinary life, just like yours… until it’s not.

Each story in Paranormal can be read as a standalone adventure. Every one takes place in Guessing city and contributes to her tale.

If you enjoy a quick hit of dark fantasy, download Paranormal now.

The following tales are published in this book:


Ghost Writer

Soul Catcher

The Pastor’s Wife (Soror Dea 1)


Toy Maker

The Horologist

Forbidden Flesh

A Day at the Zoo

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