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Population: Darkness. Strangeness. Fear.

And now You…


If you’re returning to Guessing, welcome home. The strange city tends to reward her loyal friends.

If this is your first visit to Guessing, we’re thrilled to have you, but we can’t let you come in without a warning of what to expect.

Guessing is a sprawling metropolis that lives and breathes as much as any of her inhabitants.

In Guessing, things are sometimes not as they seem. The curious and the monstrous can (and often do) appear on any corner. Warriors fight, demons lurk, ghosts haunt, and then there’s those things we just don’t have names for yet. In Guessing ordinary people in ordinary lives can (and do) step into the extraordinary, the magical, the weird, the horrifying. And then there are those who might prefer to look the other way rather than turn to see what might be looking back at them from the shadows.

Guessing Tales brings their stories together.

Guessing Tales is a collection of short stories, novels and other tales written by K.A. Krake.

Each story takes place in some corner of Guessing, a sprawling metropolis that lives and breathes as much as any of her inhabitants.

The stories can be read as standalone works, however you’ll get a far richer reading experience by reading the whole series. Overlap of character and incident links some stories, and they all have the same setting in common. Take a look at the Reading Order guide for an explanation.

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